How can classified submission site list be an advantage?

Classified submission site is one of the simplest and the easiest way to get your keyword rank in the search engines. But sometimes there are some possible chances of classified site not to get in the rank as it had been deleted your ads for specific reason. Therefore, there is no need to worry as it provides of plethora of advantages to you. These classified submission site can used for any business and single ones to promote themselves regarding their product and service been offered in those ads. What is classified submission? Classified submission is one of the most suitable way to the others know your business and services been provided by your company. It for sure include SEO strategies for your website promotion by driving potential buyers and hence, generating sales for product or services. Generally these website loose classified commercial for promoting and shopping for gadgets, actual estate, jobs, services, personals, automobiles, computers packers and movers,

Is Image sharing really benefits your SEO campaign?

Optimizing Image Slug or URL If you are a new blogger and do not have a good command on your graphics design, you can download any free image related to your blog post. But keep in mind that for copyright free images. This does not mean that you simply go to Google and search for an image and download it, such a copyright act applies to downloaded images. Optimizing the URL of any image is very important for SEO, so always keep in mind that there is no question mark (?) added to the last of your image URL. Most of the Image submission sites have good Domain Authority. You can use it yourself by designing an image for your blog post from Adobe Photoshop software. Rename the images to make them SEO friendly When you download an image from a website, its name is something like "01adsc.jpeg". Now if you use this image without a rename in post, then this image will not be SEO friendly. Similarly, when you design an image yourself, you need to change its name. Su